The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for enterprises and C-suite leaders. There are also faster-virtualized operations that brought together financing and information technology leaders together in unveiling new collaborative areas – to collectively stride through the post-pandemic revival.

CFOs and CIOs are now working closer than ever before in enterprise-wide business transformation, technology investment, and finance transformation. It is thus imperative for them to bridge the gaps between their perspectives to jointly create incremental enterprise value effectively.

From the comfort and safety of your home office, Questex Asia’s CIO-CFO Interface Summit creates the very platform for finance and IT leaders to discuss manual topics of interest and enhancing mutual understandings in the essential strategic and tactical topics pertaining to opportunities, efficiencies and ROI enabled by technologies.

Key Topics 

  • Identifying the ideal and cost-effective technologies to invest 
  • Prioritizing technology upgrades amidst cost and liquidity management 
  • Revising technology financing and finance transformational goals 
  • Legacy operating models and collaborative mechanisms: how new tech could shorten the learning curve for CFOs and CIOs 
  • Resource utilization planning: a collaborative exercise in understanding IT and finance concepts
  • Data Analytics and Digital Sales: capturing revenue opportunities through technology
  • Efficiency enhancements: changing cost structure through technology for agility and survival 

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